Thursday, September 29, 2022

What now?

Got in right at midnight last night. The winner was Jafronius.


Let's see what we have now. You all know by now that I always start my trips to the Jacksonville card show off at my buddy Fred's table. He always has 1 table of higher end pricier cards $3.00 and $5.00 boxes from a dealer (Kyle) down near Jeremy in Florida. I did grab some cards from Kyle via Fred and will post them later. I mention this because Fred had 3 tables for other sellers. One of which was marked dime cards minimum 1.00, no change. LOL. Table had 5 boxes of 80's baseball junk, but there was 1 "shoe box" that had odd ball stuff.  End of story I pad less than a penny a piece for everything you will see below (and so much more). 


1999 and 2000 Topps Jumbo cards. yeah a penny!

For some reason all of the scans I uploaded are in reverse order. The first scan is now the very last and so forth, no big deal.

More jumbos.

These Home Town Heroes cards are also over sized cards. I besides the ones you see above there must have been 5 copies of each of them. Lots of dupes.

That Frank Robinson 500 HR club Post cereal card was the last card I needed to complete that set. 

A friggin penny a piece, WoW just WoW!

Okay, those two Canseco RC's came from TWO COMPLETE SETS IN THE BOX OF 1986 FLEER. I didn't need the sets or the Canseco's but I paid a buck for each set.No way was I passing on that! 

This post only shows half of the deals/scans from the box. We still have one more post to finish up this amazing deal. 

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  1. Wild, wacky stuff. Nice Yaz Masterpieces.

  2. Penny a card for those is fantastic, I'd buy that in a second.

    I bought my 1986 Fleer set from Amazon (had gift money to use). The set came mysteriously missing the Canseco RC (which fortunately I had already).

    I find that when adding photos in Blogger from my Google Photos, they upload in the order that I click on them. Usually.

  3. Those Hometown Heroes cards are cool, I think I have one...somewhere. Maybe.

    Good Job! 👍

  4. Wow, we all need a little Fred in our collecting lives! Oversize cards always confuse me on what order and where to store them in my player binders

  5. Those Hometown Heroes cards are interesting.. That Henderson kids card is just... Creepy...
    Whoever designed the Sandberg and Johnson cards must have been inspired by the waterfalls in Super Mario Bros 2. Those cards are hard to look at..

  6. I have a soft spot for those '80s Donruss stand-ups, just because I found them for sale at a store back then and you couldn't exactly find oddballs for sale everywhere at that point. That would change in a few short years.

  7. Nice. I keep telling myself ha one of these days I'll jump on those Barry Collas.

  8. A penny a card, wow! Never seen those Hometown Heroes cards they look awesome!

  9. Love those bookmarks. Been looking for an affordable unopened box or set of that stuff for a long time.

  10. Those old Pacific Prisms will never not look good.