Tuesday, September 20, 2022

An Elite post plus some FREE cards

 Last night's winner was Bo. 

Now for an Elite post which will be apparent shortly.

We or should I say most of us can't stand the number of player's put on baseball cards these days especially those that more than likely won't see the big leagues unless they are watching t.v.  That's not always the case, but you know what I mean.

Here is a shortened breakdown from a set/brand that does it a lot.

John Wayne Ennis: Only pitched 4 innings for the Braves in 02'. Played 3 seasons  Pitched in 04' for the Tigers (16 innings) and 07' for the Phillies (7.2 innings).

Trey Hodges: Pitched 2 years 02 & 03 5/3 W/L record. 

Andy Pratt: 2 years Braves & Cubs total of 3 innings with a 15.0 ERA

Bubba Nelson: nada

J.C. Holt: nada although had a decent minor league career.

Charles Thomas: played 113 games with Atlanta and Oakland.

Warren Spahn: well HOFer with 2583 K's 363 wins over 21 years.

Luis Hernandez: never played for Atl, played 07-12' with 4 other teams.

Jon Gilmore: nada

Jason Heyward: still going

Cole Rohrbough: nada

Braxton Davidson: nada, however was N.C. High School POY.

David Filak: nada

Matt Suschak: nada

Arodys Vizcaino: 8 years going, now with KC.

Kyle Kubitza: nada

Blake Brown: nada

Jason Hursh: 11 games 12 innings in 16' and 17'.

Mike Soroka: 3 years before his injury with a 15-6 WL and 2.86 ERA, 171 K's.

A.J. Minter: 6 years running. love this guy he reminds me of Craig Kimbrel.

Kevin Maitan: nada

Drew Harrington: nada

Kyle Muller: good bit of hub bub on this prospect.

Kyle Wright: now in his 5th yr. One of ATL's stars.

Beau Philip: Braves drafted him in 2019, still working his way through the farm.

Shea Langeliers: with Oakland.

Tucker Davidson: traded to Angels

Trey Harris: nada

Jasseel de la Cruz: still in farm.

Justin Dean: drafted in 2018 at the farm.

Braden Shewmake: at thefarm.

Spencer Schwellenbach: at the farm

Both of these guys are working their way through the farm too.

Yeah a lot of never showed up, and a lot of waiting of the farm.


  1. That’s the main calling card of the Elite set, though. They have all of the draft picks and prospects just like Bowman. Can’t really fault them for creating that niche as a calling card for a certain brand.
    Now if I had 20-30 bucks to spend on a blaster, I would totally spend it on a brand that has more Major Leaguers in it. If I had to choose between Elite and Bowman, I would easily choose Bowman. With that being said, I really don’t list Elite on my wantlists because like you said, most of those guys haven’t made it to the majors and probably won’t.
    It’s kind of funny how that Shea Langeliers card almost looks like he is in an A’s uniform.
    Good 2000’s names with the earlier Elite sets. I saw Ennis like 4 or 5 times in Spring Training with the Tigers and got his autograph on a few cards. I asked him if he collected any of his cards and he confidently replied ‘no’.

  2. Score was a lot like that in the late 80s and early 90s. Between the established players you'd have first round picks, rookies, and other guys who barely made a blip on the radar.
    I find it fun to go through them and see who got anywhere..

  3. Yep. If I ever -- ever -- trim back my Dodgers collection -- those are the first cards to hit the shredder.

    1. Sad to hear about Maury Wills passing today. May he RIP.

  4. Have a couple of those ELITE cards of Tigers players who haven't done a whole lot.

    Good Job. 👍

  5. How well do these types of cards sell? I personally don't have many

  6. Thank you!

    In a way it's nice for guys like these to get cards. However it would be more enjoyable to get more established non-stars, like veteran middle relievers and utility men.

  7. I don't know, they have minor league sets for those guys, then add heritage minors and topps pro debut, it's just way too much especially when they usually have 3 dozen parallels.

  8. I'd love these sets if I was a marginal minor leaguer. Might be the only major set card made of me.

  9. Well, 6 out of 35 ain't bad....? Exactly the reason why I stay away from sets like these.

  10. I've bought a few collections with these EE signatures in them. Don't think I've ever come across any stars... and the only ones I've kept are part of the A's or Padres collections.