Friday, September 2, 2022

From the left to the right a bigtime surprise from San Jose Fuji

 I mentioned the other day that Mark sent me a package. I knew he was sending me some (a lot) of Topps Museum cards that I needed. From the left side of the country to the right side. But wow, I opened the medium flat rate game box up and inside I found 6 or 7 different packages.  I grabbed the biggest one first.

Besides the Museum that were in this package these 4 cards were. I think Mark thought the Shoppach was a Braves card (it's an Indians card), but hey I collect autos too, so it went in that box. The top pair are from 1996 Leaf Signature autographs one is from the extended set and I needed both of them. 


This is the back cover. 1973 Hank Aaron press, radio and tv guide.  Mark also included a couple of books on Hank.

1974. This book once belonged to the San Jose public library. :)

The original copy right for this book was 1971, but this print is from 1974. No pictures on the back so I skipped scanning. I did not own these items so much appreciated Mark. I'll get the ret of the cards (not the Museum) next week.

Have a great week and don't forget to comment below for a chance at some free baseball cards. 

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  1. Those are some awesome Hank Aaron extras!

  2. I remember reading that second Aaron book when I was a kid. I remember it being pretty good. Those early books are why Aaron is still my favorite of all time. And thanks for the win!

  3. Anything of Henry Aaron is awesome.

  4. That press guide is really nice. Would look good displayed.

  5. Really like seeing old baseball books pop up around the blogs. There's probably so many that are all but forgotten about these days.

  6. I like the cover of that guide! Anything interesting on the inside?

  7. Sounds (and looks) like Fuji went all out!

  8. Lol. Yup. I saw the colors and not the Indians logo on the Shoppach. By the way... sorry I haven't been commenting. This past week was a little busy. Glad the package arrived safe and sound.