Sunday, September 25, 2022

Complete set: 1996 Bowman's Best plus the free cards.

 1996 Bowman's Best: One of the things that I appreciate from this set is that unlike the 1994 and the 1995 sets the numbering is "normal" no red x then blue x. I haven't completed 1995 yet, but I'll get there so we move onto 96'. Friday night's free card winner was TDK.  And before I start the scans..... have y'all noticed the slight price bump over at SportLots?

I apologize for the "dirty" scans. The cards are perfect. I had to clean my scanner glass and also fix the real problem which was the pages. I actually went back after I scanned half of the cards/set and replaced the 9 pocket pages for the entire set. These older pages are qulaity pages  (Ultra Pro) but they tend to get sticky if they get in humidity. I learned that years ago. My experience with 9 pocket pages are pretty much set with the "ultra light" or "silver" (cheapies) Ultra Pro or the better BCW pages. 

The only real issue I have with the light Ultra Pro is that if you are in and out of the binders you have to be careful because the top row of cards can loose a card or two (they slip out) if you aren't being mindful when handling the binder. The BCW also have a light issue is that I buy them by the case and sometimes a box or two might have some week pages. Meaning the glue on the pocket might not have been heated enough and will "split". Not surprising they are not made in the USA.

Every now and then I have to change out those older pages from decade + ago. What seems to happed for me is that I wait until I complete the set like with this one. I should have done it before I started scanning, so please forgive me I didn't and I didn't want to go back and rescan the first 10 pages. 

I also cleaned these cards they have that chromian like surface so taking an eye glass lens cleaning cloth and a dab of windex here & there removes any residue on the cards from the pages that tend to get sticky. Chrome ish cards are already sticky like and prone to finger prints so cleaning was a must do too. 

Another plus for this set is the diamond in the background and real baseball which I prefer over the "fake" backgrounds.

I really should have re-scanned them but the yucky is almost done.

See, these scans show the rest of the set in the new pages and cleaned up cards.

The pages below show that I cleaned the scanner bed. LOL.

I probably should say that when I cleaned the cards that it took all day. If time is important might want to forego that for an entire set. 

There we go 1996 BB all done. The binder they are stored in now has no old pages and hold the sets or the pages for 1994-1999 Bowman's Best.

Hurricane Ian brewing down here in the south so hopefully all will be well back in Valdosta and in Florida while I am in North GA. 

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  1. Hope you had a good weekend.

    Good Job! 👍

  2. Hope you had a terrific.

    Good Job! 👍

  3. Yeah, bummer about the Sportlots price increase, but sounds like that'll help a lot with site improvements. Looking forward to non-sports becoming available there.

  4. Price increases everywhere! I like the set sometimes, sometimes less so. Stay safe!

  5. Sportlots was already a bit above what I wanted to pay per card, so it doesn't effect an extreme bargain-seeker like me.

  6. I just got an order from Sportlots. Didn't notice. I rarely notice stuff like that. ... I think I draw the line at polishing my cards.

    1. Price increase went into effect Sept 20, so if you had ordered before then you wouldn't have been affected

  7. Looks plain individually but nice in one place

  8. Bummer about Sportlots. Didn't know about the price increase until this post. At least 20¢ is a nice round number.

  9. Desi Relaford! Man. He came to my school when he was a rookie and what an experience. Desi signed signed autographs and told us to stay in school and all that jazz. One kid asked him about Ted Williams and Desi glares at him and mutters “I don’t talk about no old folks” and kept signing. Didn’t say another work.