Saturday, September 17, 2022

1994 Bowman's Best: Complete. freebies

I remember when this set came out just how enamored I was. I still feel that way. However, the numbering 1-90 Red and 1-90 Blue bother the heck out of me. They did the same thing with the 95' set which I have not completed.

Friday night's winner of the FREE baseball cards was: The Diamond King.

Let's get to the set.

Jeter just looks like a kid on his card.

Unlike the previous set that I posted, I don't mind the background on this set. Like I said blew me away from the get go.

You know how to qualify for the free baseball cards.



  1. Woo hoo! Got my fill of Jays content all in one blog. Thanks!

  2. Got my free cards today - thank you!

    Jeter looked very young until he filled out around 1995/1996. Arms looked like twigs when he was first drafted.

  3. I wasn't collecting when these came out. Never got close to a complete set either. But they are starting to feel like a bit of a classic.

  4. Nice looking set, but if the blue section was for rookies why were there rookies in the red section?

  5. I never saw these when they were new. The backgrounds remind me of a cross between Finest and Metal.

  6. Part of me thinks that they should have used the two different colored backgrounds for Al and NL teams...

  7. Cool set. Reminds me of the 94/95 Bowman's Best hockey set. They also had blue and red subsets... with the combo cards.