Wednesday, September 7, 2022

COMPLETE SET and freebies

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Now for some cards.

I haven't completed a Pacific brand set in a while. 

This set is a little LOUD for me. Too much going on.

That is a Horizontal heaven for some of you. 250 card set. One of my under mentioned (on purpose) collecting goals is building ALL of the Pacific Brands. I've always had fondness for the products, and have completed a few others over the years, but certainly has been a long time. 

With that said I have also been able to complete some more of the HIGH End set pursuits (thank goodness those are a little smaller in size). I am going to show/post 1 a week until they run out.

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  1. I purchased one pack of that set. Wasn’t my cup of tea, but I did like the Red parallel set that was one per pack.
    I have random Pacific stuff throughout my collection, so I’ll have to dig through your wantlists.

  2. UGH, that horrible Tigers logo of the 90s.

  3. Good thing you have a lot of cards to show. A lot!

  4. I have one card from this set for my player collection and the corresponding red parallel. It is a pretty busy front and not necessarily the nicest back, but I do like the contrast in the red parallel

  5. Yeah, it's a pretty '90s looking set. I do like how the David Wells shows a picture from his perfect game.

  6. Never seen that Wells card before, that's a good one. He got some good cards out of that perfect game.

  7. I think I'd like the design better if the right panel had a different photo than the center..

  8. Pacific isthe bane of my existence. Of the ones shown, I would probably try to grab the Expos and the Walker.. The Expos one would go right in the box...
    I don't know what it is.. They just don't appeal to me.. I might even get rid of my Pacific Jays cards...

  9. That black and white shot is unnecessary since it's a duplicate of the main picture. You could barely make out the player. In Kerry Wood's card it's just a blob. I do like seeing the complete set though!

  10. Great cards. Pacific always put out a nice product. Miss these days

  11. Cool design... but they should have used a different photo on the right.