Wednesday, August 31, 2022

August card show. VINTAGE!!!! FREE cards

 I hope to be heading to Jacksonville on Saturday for the September card show. Hoping its a good one as this is my birth month. 

First up is a monster box that cost me a whopping $20.00. That is actually higher than what I would like to pay (I like 10 bucks). I know I paid 50 each for a pair a month or two ago, but still I like a ten spot. The under side of the lid says .25 each of 6 for a $1.00. Bulk deals too! I pulled up a chair and grabbed a stack, and out of the first handful I pulled a dozen or so. I then read the lid (the last part out loud) and the seller/dealer said you want the whole box. I said "that depends on how much it is". He then said $20.00. I said deal put the lid on the box paid him and took it to my vehicle.

Inside were split evenly with baseball, basketball, and football. I again gave the non baseball to that 12 year old. Now for the baseball, nothing amazing just some high end cards, parallels, and refractors. Definitely worth the money. I even pulled a game used card, oh and every card was a star player (even the BKB and FB). I didn't scan after the last show was full of stuff like that.  Let's move on.

That is a tall stack of 1994 Bowman's Best, I pulled these out of a dime box that my buddy Fred had. I didn't look at them, I just grabbed that whole section.  In the end they probably cost me a penny or two a piece. However, once I got them home and was going to sort them I found they were all Braves! Three different Braves, yeah that whole stack other than maybe four or five that were not. OOPS, well they are sitting in one of my Braves dupe boxes.

Now let us get to the good stuff.

A pair of T206 cards, knocking that yearly goal out.  I got a great deal on the pair, $60.00 for both. At this rate it will only take me 2000 years to complete the master set. LOL.

I pulled a bunch of 65's for my set build. Not as nice as I would have liked. Unlike the 71's below.

The Sutton was the biggest name I bought, but pay attention the numbers. 

Super sweet condition (less 1) and high numbers galore. 

Some pretty nice 72's also, check those numbers.

I didn't get much of a break with these, so I won't be buying much else from this particular dealer again.

I'll pause here save some for tomorrow.

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  1. You have me interested in what was in that 20 dollar box. I really need to find a way to go to the Jax show one of these months. Tell Fred I said hi when you’re there Saturday.

  2. Oh, my, a 1971 Topps Bill Freehan...easily the best card of the bunch!

    Good Job! 👍

  3. I want to know about the $20 box too!

    Those puzzle backs are fun.. At the same time taking up valuable space for statistics and a write up

  4. I badly need a $20 box. I love going through cards, but I have organized and organized all of mine. Need some new blood.

  5. Good stuff. Not as good as the stuff I looked through from that collection from my friend last month, but decent. ;)

  6. Thanks!

    Always ask how much for the whole box (I know you know that). $20 is awesome for that.

    Those '65s look so modern after the tobacco cards.

    I like the off-kilter angle on that Russ Nagelson card.

  7. That 12 year old has the quite the hook up!

  8. You may not have gotten much of a break from that seller, but you did get some pretty neat cards, so it wasn't all bad.