Friday, September 30, 2022

Penny cards part 2 and take a chance at some free baseball cards.

 Last night's winner of FREE baseball cards was: Nick Vossbrink (email your address)

Now let us finish these penny cards and such. 

Yep, vintage 8x10ish photo autographed and it's a Braves.  a friggin penny.

Over sized team photos autographed and the envelope they were sent too also has a letter in it.  Wait for it,     wait.....  a friggin penny!

Topps Super Chrome, and lots of them.

The batch above are all Topps Supers (over sized cards).

There was even a slew of over sized Jumbo football, and they also had lots of dupes too.

That wraps up the cards from that odd ball box that I spent a grand total of $6.00.

Now I did hit up the last table Fred had stuff on that he didn't own so to speak, in fact at least 4 different times throughout the day. Let me explain. One of Fred's customers wife had died and he gave Fred tubs and tubs of stuff for FREE. Fred would fill the table up with stuff and as it would clear would open another tub hence why I was going back every hour or so. I am figuring that I have 2 or three weeks of posts coming from those purchases and I guarantee the last week will be on a different side of our hobby, but nonetheless still part of pure hobby and you are sure to enjoy the entire week.


  1. Wow, you must have been having so much fun at the show.

  2. Those super chrome cards are cool. I purchased a pack of 1998 Super Chrome at a K-Mart in 2001 or 2002. Pulled an A-Rod, Andy Pettite and Nomar. In 2004, I was at a Rays-Rangers game in Tampa, and A-Rod started signing autographs. I think he noticed the super chrome card because it was so big, and he signed it. All 3 cards from the pack are still in my collection today.
    I bet those tubs that Fred got were fun to go through. What percent of the tubs do you think you ended up with at the end of the day? Are they still having the show tomorrow?

  3. Dang, that's a lot of cards.
    Like tye Piazza cardvin his catchers gear.

    Good Job!👍

  4. Amazing finds for a penny each!

  5. Great penny purchases! Tekulve looks like he's having some fun with his picture.

  6. I imagine the Gwynn is one of those Sportflics style cards that just scans horribly.. Otherwise, it looks like a pic from a very bad TV broadcast thrown onto a card.
    I don't know what it is, but I find some of the Chrome cards are nice, making the player pop from the background. Others, not so much.. Nice to see the Clemens and the Carter though

    1. The Gwynn is not a Sportflcs card, it was a Topps release Motion Vision or something like that. It is also an over sized card maybe 3x5. You tilt it like the sportflics cards though and it is like seeing the live action.

  7. Amazing. The Mantilla is awesome, but I think I like the Tekulve just as much, I always loved him.

  8. Ih my goodness, Collector's Choice football! While I never collected much football as a kid, I have fond memories every September of picking some up at CVS.

  9. I have some of the Topps Supers that I got from a mail-in offer. Good deals that took some work to get. Rewards well deserved. RJ

  10. The autographs are pretty amazing finds for the price! I really like too how those two Pirates were still in their original envelope.

  11. Pillbox Teke and lenticular Gwynn? Nice. Love these oversized cards.

  12. Oh wow love those supers. And I've been off this grid this weekend will shoot you an email.