Thursday, September 23, 2021

Wrapping up

 Okay throwing out a few different sellers here tonight. Up first are some highlights from Hampster.

2021 Topps Chrome. I have one more to complete the team set and it is sitting in my box already.

The cards above are from trplcar. The Museum parallel of Klesko looks really great in hand. The 2021 Freeman Museum closes out that team set.

The above and below scans are from seller Wickerca. The Ian Anderson Museum was a dupe, oops. The Absolute on the bottom are the hobby foil versions. They didn't scan very well. I am sure that in time I will figure out how to edit that.

This wraps up the last SportLots box order that came in. Now I need to figure out what to scan for the coming week. Not sure what I'll be doing there yet. Still thinking about it. We'll see.....


  1. Pinnacle dufex parallels from the 90's always better in person.

  2. That Klesko is nothing less than spectacular!