Tuesday, September 21, 2021

When it rains it pours

 Picking right up where (I started yesterday). 8am this morning GA Power company was out with 4 trucks. Apparently they only straightened up the power pole and cable tied it across the street to get through the night. They came out this morning to actually replace the pole and install all new transformers and whatever else. Said we would be without power for 5 hours. Rather than let Murphy (murphy's law) kick in, I called for help to get my uncle loaded into the non handicap equipped van that is more like a medium size SUV and gathered up things I would need to care for him (Tuesday's I am on my own). Took me an hour and a half. Done. The called in help only had 5 minutes to get him in the van, done. I checked us into a nice hotel and this is where are for the day. Probably going to go back home once the work is complete and no further issues. I really need his electric hospital bed. 

I write this post sitting in the hotel. I'll publish tonight, hopefully back to the house. **we're back*** all seems to be good.

Now let's get back to some baseball cards.

These two scans come from seller Nick1981. The A&G full size are parallel silvers.

I am showing the backs first on these four 1976 Hostess cards. I do this because apparently the sellers do NOT differentiate between the black backs and brown backs, just the twinkies backs. Needless to say, I did not know that I was getting the brown backs. I do collect all three versions and any variations as well.


The last 4 Hostess here are the regular black backs. All of the Hostess came from seller:

pkerplyr who has a boatload of Hostess in all conditions, great because he has pictures of the card fronts on 99% of them.

Good stopping point for today.


  1. I really need to educate myself on 70's Hostess cards. Black backs. Brown backs. Had no idea there were variations. Hope the power is up and running by the time you get home.

  2. So Steve Yeager (and Dodgers trainer Bill Buhler) invented the throat protector for catchers. But it was because he got hit by a foul ball while in the on-deck circle, not because he got injured catching.

    Anyway, power outages suck.

  3. That's dedication, getting in a post with all that going on.

    pkerplyr has some good stuff, I'm always buying from him.

  4. I barely ever buy on Sportlots, but I have bought from pkerplyr before. I guess I need to check out his Hostess cards too.

  5. It's awesome that you were willing to do all of that for him :)

  6. Glad the power came back for you in what seems to be the allotted time frame!