Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Round three

 Moving quickly through the last SL box order. I must say initially I did not like the idea or the process including the wait using the SportLots box orders. I do now, and always have hundreds of cards in the kitty and on deck. In other words, I have one box nearly ready to ship to me and I have a two hundred in my cart ready to go once I ship the current box building.

The three Topps cards in the middle row are On Demand mini's. The top row are Bowman Chrome Mega prospects. The bottom row are all from 2021 Stadium Club.

More from 2021.

More 2021 Stadium Club and another DDK. The bottom row has 2021 Absolute retail. The Hobby versions are foilish/shiny.  All of tonight's cards came courtesy of seller shawnk79. I have 1 more post from this batch, and then I'll be out of scans again.


  1. I just got a five-seller SL order. Four of which went the box route. Pretty sure I saved like six bucks or more on shipping costs...

  2. Your Sportlots box process sounds like my Baseball Card Store process; save up a couple hundred cards, request shipment, and then start building another pile before the last group has even been sent.