Monday, September 13, 2021

Starting on the SportLots.

UPDATE: I had this post done up last night. Not changing anything written within the post, please bare with it.

 This order was close to 300 cards. Can't remember right now. But I have broken down into a few posts for the highlights. Any set build cards are not scanned unless they were set killers. There were a couple of those this go around. The next box I get in might have one or two of those as well, but the one I am building now is definitely got some set killers for a couple of vintage sets.

Day 1:

These two came direct to me, and didn't go to the box. 

Obviously, this post is highlighting Braves that I needed. How great is this Spahn?

Some MOJO working here. October is coming, looking forward to save the boobies.

A few UTZ and a couple more MOJO's.

Oh look.....another MOJO.

I can't believe how much the Select cards are being sold for. Well, the boxes anyway. I grabbed the pair above on the cheap.

I'll do some non Braves tomorrow.



  1. Select is hot right now? Guess I'm out of the loop.

  2. What series is that Spahn card from? I need that one…

  3. Seems weird that an unlicensed product could actually be considered "hot".