Thursday, September 9, 2021

A great Ebay seller.

 I am building another massive box at SL, so I had better start getting the last shipment posted. Several posts of course that I will start on Monday.

I have picked up several Ebay wins lately. This dual material (sticker) auto of Brave Ian Anderson came from a seller called daytight1. I was pleased with the price (9.99) I won with as Ian is one of the pricier Braves cards this year.

The seller threw in these Stadium Club cards for free. I like free. I do already have these 4 super stars, but hey they were FREE. Kudos to the seller. I even went back a won another auction from him (I'll highlight that card with a few others in a different post).

Have a great weekend. Tomorrow is Special.


  1. Last weekend, I placed my first Sportlots order in a long time (possibly at the beginning of the pandemic). Nothing crazy, but some singles for player collections and some Giants for my brother.

  2. That card sure has a lot going on!