Monday, September 6, 2021

As promised.

 A couple of weeks ago, maybe less I bought those 2021 Topps factory sets and a couple of A&G blasters. 

I did get one of the parallels, the lowest of the parallels. The GOLD Stars. 

We've all seen way too much of the flagship cards by now, so I will only show you my Braves.

No need to show the RC Image variations, they are the same . The above were the only notable foilboards. So let's take a little peek at the two blasters of A&G. Yes, I know.....I broke my own rule about buying blasters.

Here are the hits from each box. The Yelich is okay.

The mini's. Ian Anderson mini RC design, the black bordered McCovey.

Brett and Soler (birthday binder guy) were parallels.

That is the notable keepers. I pretty much already traded away the rest of the cards. I have maybe 2 or 3 left.  I do have some major SportLots posts to get done next on the horizon. I also have several other posts from other places, including some "interesting" additions to my collection.


  1. I got the gold stars you sent. ... I have thoughts.

    1. LOL. Yeah, I hope this is the last year Topps does this.(licensed or unlicensed).

  2. The framed relics look nice this year (and are, unfortunately, still fairly tough pulls). I miss the days when all Ginter relics were of the framed variety.

  3. Whoa, I haven't seen a signed Urshella Yankees card! I like that!

  4. Looks like the magic has worn off for Urshela. He had a nice run though.

  5. 2 hits from 2 blasters. Nice. Congratulations! I just hope you're not the guy sitting on the floor at Target with a postal scale ;D

  6. Gold Star variations? Very Panini of Topps.