Tuesday, September 14, 2021

It's a start.....I think.

 I figured how to get my new laptop to connect to my scanner. I don't like it. It is a pain in the ass, especially when cropping. I've only scanned a few so far.

I have made 191 trades with my OCT group in the last few weeks. Yep, 191. I surpassed the 2000 trade mark which places me #8 in all-time trades. I'm currently sitting at 2141 and I hope to cross the 3K mark next year (late). Only 4 have done so in the 20+ years of the group. One surpassing 4K, and one close to that mark. 

Anyways, I have officially made it possible for me to scan. I'll get it figured out how to make it simpler in time. I really hope to recover everything on the old laptop. 

For tonight you get to stare at these beautiful NM high numbered 1970 Topps courtesy as a return on thirty of those recent OCT trades.


  1. NM 1970 Topps! That's what I've been actively pursuing too for the past couple of years--only 122 left to complete the set.

  2. That was fast. Glad you were able to get them connected.

    1. Not so good, taking 3 hours to "connect" (I use a USB cord). Not good just to scan, go figure no problems with the printer function, at least I don't think there is, but I rarely print anything. We'll see.

  3. Outstanding. I could look at these all day.

  4. Those sure are some crispy cards!