Monday, September 27, 2021

Nice return

 One the guys I did a bunch of trades with from OCT (oldcardtraders) sent a very nice return. I sent him a boatload of Star Wars cards. He sent me these:

1968 Topps Game.

1969 Deckle Edge and a few 75' Topps mini's. Not bad for some duplicate Star Wars cards.


  1. 1968 Topps Game is a great way to add some vintage hall of famers and fan favorites to your collection for a reasonable price (or in your case... trade bait).

  2. I like how they have the pitchers dominating in 1968.

  3. That IS a great haul. I love that 1968 game after hope to grab all of those someday.

  4. Agreed, great trade for Star Wars dupes!