Friday, September 24, 2021

Freaky Friday

You know it's a freaky Friday when you get this e-mail:

Your order #42271359 has been shipped.  The package has tracking, but it may take a day or so before the website will have any status updates.
Please let us know if you have any questions.

~ The COMC Team

 Okay, I found something to scan. Rather re-scan. One of the files I had on the old laptop was my wacky (baseball) folder. I had recently scanned the cards I gathered throughout the last year and half. I even posted a few Wacky Wednesday posts of interesting baseball cards. I just don't remember if the cards that are now boxed up was top (1st) to bottom (last). I decided to re-scan the horizontal wacky cards that I had boxed separately. It will give me enough to get me 1 post per week for the rest of the year. I am hoping that these are not the ones that I posted in the posts I mentioned. If so, sorry you'll just have to look at them again. Just not tonight, lol.

I went through a box I've had sitting nearby for at least two years. It was 1999 Fleer. I did a check on my Fleer blog, and 1999 was the very first set I posted. That means that this box was dupes. So I went through them and pulled PC guys. I also pulled some interesting cards that will fit tonight's blog title Freaky Friday.

Starting off with juggling, a motorcycle, and Turk's necklace. Some throwback jerseys and a hat over heart.

I believe these qualify as interesting too. Nick, I see a kid and a camera on that one card.

These last five speak for themselves.


  1. Ray Lankford is from my home town, but Wetteland's motorcycle wins the round.

  2. '99 Fleer Tradition is a really underrated set. I recently interviewed the photographer who shot the Parris card.

  3. I echo Bo's sentiments - Fleer Tradition as a whole is criminally underrated, especially the '99 set.

  4. 1999 Fleer Tradition was a fun set. It's like Stadium Club lite.