Thursday, September 2, 2021

Daryl's $.75 cards.

 Like the quarter cards there will be a couple posts. Also like the .25ers, I got some good deals, and not so good.

The biggest difference here is that most of the cards in this post and tomorrows is that they are high numbers.

Very happy to get some high numbered 72's.

Just a reminder: I took my book with me, so these were all needs.

I'll finish these up tomorrow.


  1. Minnie Minoso and Jim Palmer win this round.

    Jim Campanis was Al's son.

  2. There are some pretty old school names there...Sherm, Faye, Vern...not many people with those names nowadays!

  3. Those are an amazing deal at 3/4 of a cent! (.75¢)
    ($.75 is three quarters of a dollar).
    Sorry, I always have to call that out...

  4. I dig those Law's, especially the '61!

  5. Palmer, Oliva, Minoso, Wills.. those are some nice names for three quarters. The '61 Friend and Mincher look really sharp. Nice pickups!

  6. 72 high #'s for 75¢ is highway robbery. Congratulations.

  7. Don't see many "not so good" cards there!