Thursday, May 6, 2021

This is the ONE

 The one post that may help explain the reason for my needing to slow my roll on the Braves. I got my 2nd SportLots box in last week. I am doing just two posts with the 600 plus cards. No, I didn't scan those 600 cards. As per usual, not showing any of the set builds. Nor am I doing all of the PC guys. I will do a short very short PC guy post from 1 specific set of cards, that's it with the PC guys. As for my Braves, I did get a bunch, but rather than show ALL of them.......just scanned the Braves needs that are also PC guys. That is what you are going to see tonight. Still A LOT of scans. 

I'm just at a point where it seems that every scan seems like I already scanned these cards.

There's no doubt that I may have doubled up on some cards.

Another good reason to slow the roll.

I am good.....really good with the slow down.

Braves are still my BIGGEST priority.

But now I can work on some of those vintage Braves needs. Of course those are usually big names or high number needs or worse......BOTH.

This slow down on modern Braves will also give me a chance to work on some Vintage set builds too.

Going to try to do a lot of vintage trading too. Going to start with that box of 1969 Topps dupes.

My vintage set build NEEDS are about the same size as my Braves needs, so plenty of needs for people to hit.

I also have a LARGE supply of really great shape 71's too. That is tough with the black borders, but I got some really good ones.

I also HAVE a good supply of vintage HOSTESS TO trade. I may do those before the 71's.

If those Hostess gets your tummy growling, help me push those 69's and 71's.

With all of that said, I will post the other SportLots PC post tomorrow (maybe 5 scans).

After that I should be ready to do a post of nothing but cards from Jeremy that he brought to the card show last Saturday. 

It will be a decent sized post too.

I'm pretty sure that I finally got all of those Collector's Choice homeplate/diamond hologram versions.

I still got enough cards from the card show to carry me through the month of May, which is a good thing.

A slew of which is NON Sport. Actually so cool cards and stickers. Yes....I said stickers.

I have to go back through my Braves back home (I have to anyways), but I never paid attention to the interactive UDCC cards being walk, single, double, tripe, strikeout, HR, etc. I'll have to re-do the haves checklist once I do that.

I won't get to that until I am back home home.

That is when I will be pulling my PC Braves guys out of those boxes and binders too.

I may have to start updating my PC guys before next year too. They are adding up big time.

There we made to the end of JUST PC guy Braves from the last "box" order. wonder why I am losing it. Like I said still a good thing. I can now FOCUS on the other parts of my collection. It's important too. Maybe I won't make a $300.00 boo boo again. I better not.


  1. Wowza. Even more than the number of cards you acquire on a regular basis... I'm jealous of your ability to sit down and dedicate your attention to sorting and organizing all of these cards. One of my biggest struggles is sorting and organizing, because I have the attention span of a mouse and the back of a 48 year old teacher who hasn't taken care of his back over the past decade like he needs to.

    1. It takes a week to get sorted and de-listed. I have to take a lot of breaks with my back. Then add in my very weak attention span.

  2. Yep. Lotta scans. I never understood why those Flair Showcase cards weren't more prized by collectors.

  3. You weren't kidding about the number of scans! So much '90s Braves goodness!