Saturday, May 8, 2021

OKAY cards hand delivered

 Met up one week ago today with Jeremy from "Topps Cards that Never Were" at the monthly card show in Jacksonville, FL. Jeremy had to drive a couple of hours like I do to get there. He got there before I did and I had to find him inside. I did piece of cake. Found him standing at a table across from my buddy Fred's table. Perfect. First thing we greet each other and exchange cards. I will be highlighting those cards today. Just those cards and no other cards today. But, I will start the pictures of baseball wonder off with one I took on my phone as I pulled off the interstate coming back into Valdosta, GA. I just had too.

Self explanatory. I've been here in Valdosta (Lowndes county) since 2016. This is the first time I've seen that license plate. Or noticed. Okay, now on to the fantastic package Jeremy gave me.

Starting with the non Braves. Jeremy had set aside that Migs OPC for me awhile back. I was really looking forward to getting it. The rest of these guys were all a surprise. Shiny Babe, numbered Arod, and a very heavy Banks. All very much appreciated.

Every Braves card shown here today were ALL (100%) needs. Check out that Pink parallel Riley numbered to just 25.

Jeremy put a big dent in the holes in my Braves Topps Chrome needs.

How great is that Javy card?

More Chrome.

Another big hole filled with those 40 man cards.

I don't know what kind of storage system Jeremy has for the cards "not" in his collection, but I know darn well that it must have taken him hours to pull these cards from my want lists. So many cards checked off. I love it!  yet, Jeremy had one more card for me......

Bleacher's Hank Aaron Gold card. 

Jeremy thanks a TON for these cards. It was great meeting you at the show. Next go around we'll have to grab lunch while we're there.......My treat!


  1. Snazzy Ruth. Nice throwback Acuna. If the Carty's the original, it wins the round. But I'm guessing it's a reprint.

  2. Glad you could use them all. I store all of my cards by team and by year in binders, so it was a matter of just looking through your list and matching card numbers.

  3. Nice cards! Babe Ruth Dominators is a cool one.

  4. Glad you were able to meet up with another blogger. It's a positive sign that things are starting to return to normal. Yesterday I was able to meet up with a fellow blogger as well. I won't spoil the surprise as I'll eventually write about it on my blog and I'm sure he'll mention it as well, but it was cool to hang out and talk cards in person with another human being for the first time in fifteen months.

  5. Wow. That's some kind of inventory.

  6. Great pickups from a great fellow blogger!