Thursday, May 20, 2021

Getting it done. A little History.

 Back to the final few non sport sets. 

This one is from a set called 2017 The Bar. There is a subsection of Presidents that I have not included here as they are in my President's binder and y'all will have to wait until next February for those. But if you like historical figures, you'll find plenty here.

That's good for tonight. I believe I'll do some somewhat modern Star Wars tomorrow.


  1. Good looking cards. New ones on me. Thanks for posting and looking forward to some Star Wars.

  2. Tubman wins the round. Honorable mentions go to Pulitzer and Capone.

  3. These are new to me. I wonder why they call it The Bar. The short write ups and the duplicate image on the back makes this a cousin of Panini.