Monday, May 3, 2021

An odd ball purchase

 Picked this set up over at Kruk's (their Ebay store that is).

A complete 8 panel set (3 cards each). 

Four of the panels make up a puzzle of Dale Murphy. I haven't decided totally yet that I will keep these intact yet. My guess is that I will "perforate" them so that I can put them into his PC binder.


  1. Kruk and Murph overlapped for three seasons in Philly, but all the cards are from his Braves tenure.

    Nice to see the Phanatic make an appearance.

  2. The San Diego card and the Phillie Phanatic card are my favorites here.

  3. I've bought some stuff from Kruk Cards over the years. They have some really oddball stuff from time to time... but sometimes their prices are a little high.