Saturday, May 29, 2021

Incoming trades

 First, Bo sent huge trade packages to me comprised of set builds. Mostly 2003 Fleer, but there were some vintage too including a couple of needed 69's in that quest. I didn't scan any, but wanted to acknowledge the trade. 

Next we have Gavin.

gavin even returned those Big Fun Tickets from early last year.

I made about 6 trades on the 69's, 1 is on the way, and the other is still in the works.

McCovey's, Banks, B. Williams, Santo, Gibson, Fergie, Podres, and of course that 69' Seaver. It has a bit missing in the top right corner, but I can live with that for now.

To finish cleaning out the scan files here are some Diamond kings Debut Diamond Kings.

Picked these off of Sportlots for .25 each, even Adell.

Have a safe holiday weekend. Remember that Memorial Day is for remembering those we've lost. Originally for those lost serving this nation, but I believe we can all reflect on so much more.


  1. The rounded corners on the coaches card are kind of interesting. Did all of the coach cards in that set get rounded corners?

  2. Nice Tigers World Series card.
    Also like the new debut DK inserts. Reminds me of ‘92 or ‘93 Diamond Kings.

  3. Glad to help with the setbuilds.