Friday, May 21, 2021

Star Wars

 I had these on May 4th and that would have been an appropriate day to post these. However, I was still going through the non sport box that I bought in Jax, and hadn't scanned anything at that time. Result....

You get them tonight.

I pulled these two out and was pretty excited, original vintage stickers.

But that was not to be. The rest were from the more modern releases. Still cool stickers though.

Leave it to topps to put their modern spin on things with parallels.

This pair is cloth like the 77' Topps baseball stickers.

The parallels continue throughout the sets. Reds, purples, silver/grays.

The top card is like an acetate which you can't tell from the scan, but in hand pretty cool card.

Tons of subsets.

I guess these are supposed to be like sketch cards.

There you have them. I'll be keeping what I posted here, however there are a slew of dupes and those are in the box to be traded.

See ya.  


  1. Old Man Luke wins the round.

    Nice Ackbar sticker.

  2. That Rey card where she looks like a samurai is really cool. The Yoda sticker is awesome too.

  3. Like with baseball cards, for me vintage Star Wars is best but I love it all. My favorites here are the green Empire Strikes Back cards, some photos I've never seen before, and that strip of Rey cards, especially the Samurai one. There's often not a lot of variety in Star Wars art so those really stand out.

  4. Tons of cool looking cards. The Resist cards are my favorite. But really there a lot of great looking cards here. Fun post.

  5. Great fronts, bad backs. Thanks for the pics!