Wednesday, May 26, 2021

ComC part two: no fussing

 No fussing this round. (I still haven't had a response to the error/s yet).

The Glavine on top, was a dupe. I wound up with a few dupes. 

Love the tri color Teheran. Not to mention all of the low serial numbers.

Blues and Reds.

I count different colored swatches as different cards.

A few large swatches there. I don't really like my cards that way, wastes a lot of space.

I'll stop here and finish up tomorrow night.



  1. Those are some fun jersey cards. I think I agree with you on the large patches. They are fun, but tough to make look good.

  2. I also count different colored swatches as different cards. I really like those Ballpark Collection quad relics. I'm off to see if there are any cheap ones on COMC that fit my collection.

  3. Nice cards, I'm a bit surprised you didn't have and Maddux cards, but at least that's good for me knowing I could still find some. These look like a nice addition to your collection.