Sunday, May 30, 2021

Baseball Player Blogger Bat Around

 The Diamond King started this one. With limited time over the next few weeks. I am skipping scans (mainly the time to get the card out, etc).

Just the list:

Hank Aaron: no brainer for me.

Ernie Banks

Roberto Clemente (Bobby Cox would be my pick, but as a manager not a player).

Joe Dimaggio (Josh Donaldson would be pick for modern players).


Freddie Freeman

Tom Glavine (there are plenty of G's to choose from, but Glavine was a Brave and they meant more to me than anything else).

Roy Halladay (tough one with Rickey)

Monte Irvin (he's a birthday guy).

Chipper Jones

Craig Kimbrel (Close pick with Kershaw)

Tim Linceum

Greg Maddux (not to lessen Mantle or Mathews).

Phil Niekro

David Ortiz (Ohtani is working his way up).

Albert Pujols & Mike Piazza (couldn't choose between them, sorry).

Dan Quisenberry (not a lot to choose from).

Jackie Robinson (again not to lessen the Babe, and Tim Raines was always fun to watch even before I                                 knew we shared a birthday).

John Smoltz

Frank Thomas

Bob Uecker

Justin Verlander (Mo and Fernando were up there too).

Ted Williams

Robin Yount (a birthday guy too).

Barry Zito.

I obviously am Braves biased, but I could have totally filled half the roster with them and didn't  :)


  1. Yeah, I am looking forward to the lists from guys like you, where their team should really dominate the list. It actually makes the non-team picks stand out as there must be really good reasons to pick them! Thanks for doing this.

  2. Good job. These are never as easy as they look.

  3. I didn't even think of Clemente... since my brain went directly to Carlton and Carew... but that's an excellent pick.

  4. Looks like we have 9 the same, with Aaron the only Brave.