Monday, May 24, 2021

2021: Bowman, Diamond Kings, and then some Higher end.

 Okay, the cards have been on a slow roll this year. That is to say they should have half of the year out already (or close to), but No. I could post for days on the inexcusable reasons.......but, I won't and just leave it that 80-90% of the card manufacturing process does not require much more than 1 person or two, it's computerized. Just someone push the damn button will ya (Mr. Eisner). Even the logisitcs and sales could be done today by a person or two as Topps (like all of the other corp. AH's) sublet/contract out nearly every part of the process. That's enough venting. Except, what do you folks think will happen in the next few months when the "going public" stock deal happens? Will all of a sudden at years end will we have an abundance of cards? If so, what will the pricing be like? 

Now on to the most recent Braves cards for the 2021 season.

My Bowman base and Bowman Prospects. I do have the 3 Chrome Prospects secured, just not received yet. I also need the 3 Mega box (mojoish) and the 1st Edition cards.

2021 Inception. I still need the SP #63.

I still need the 3 SP's (121, 122, 166).

2021 Tribute: done!

These Tributes are super shiny. Look great in hand.

Have a fantastic week!


  1. I've received a fair share of 2021 cards for my collection... but I have no problem with waiting a year or two to get the rest. There are a fair share of people who want the latest and greatest. I'm the guy who hangs around and gladly picks up the crumbs.

  2. Thanks for sharing. Fun seeing all the Braves cards. I'll pick up many of them up over time. Good post.