Monday, April 5, 2021

The BOX: 2000-2004

 Went to the card show Saturday. The crowd was more of the old normal steady but not crowded. That made me happy. I was hoping to find some great deal/steals. I perused the dealers, and like last time, several I did not know or recognize. Tons of old and new stuff, singles, hits, vintage, and lots and lots of unopened boxes. ALL high priced, everything at least what I could tell as I didn't stop my feet from moving until I got to my favorite seller. I never left his tables for the whole show. He was doing 1 table f his stuff, and another for a buddy of his as is normal. There is a story about that, but you'll have to wait until I post what I did buy at the show. Won't be like the last haul.

Now let's get to the SportLots box I got in last weekend. We are doing the 2000-2004 Braves.

If that 2000 Topps Klesko looks odd (brown border like 1999) instead of the silver border from 2000, it's because it is a preview card. I did pick of several preview cards this go around/order


The back of the Chipper shows it too is a preview card. I scanned the back of the Maddux because I found it interesting that Greg is wearing a batting helmet and has his eye glasses on. Not your normal baseball card photo. I like it.

That is it for the 5 year span from 2000-2004 as far as Braves go. I did do a good bit of set build needs. I also bought from several sellers that I got free shipping on or very  very low shipping so those will have there own posts as well.

See y'all tomorrow.


  1. The dark ages for so many collectors. When I get dupes from this era I can usually trade them quick.

  2. Nice pickups! I love 2000(and '01) Topps HD but they're a pain to protect. The white-bordered Studio set was probably their ebst ever IMO.

  3. Looking forward to seeing what you got at the show!