Saturday, April 17, 2021

Blaster two

 Here we have another make shift blaster from SL. This time it is from seller: bryancs. It is more of a comparison to a hobby box by sheer size and cost. In all there were 301 cards. Free shipping direct to me. My avg. cost per card was 22.5 cents. 

Before we jump to conclusions, the Fleer are Glossy.

The Topps cards are Tiffany.

Again Fleer Glossy.

The Wade card is the "white letter" variation.

The McGriff & Klesko on the top were a surprise. I love them. They are from 1995 Topps Cyber Stat, season in review a 6 card insert set.  Just gorgeous.


The Stadium Club cards here are "silver" parallels, I didn't know they existed. The chrome are refractors.

The Hobby reserve are "parallel" Hobby reserve cards. Apparently, the base parallel does not have the HR pre-fix before the number and these have the HR pre-fix. Again, didn't get that the first time around, so I will have to one day double check those binders to see what I actually have and do not have.

Okay that is the Braves portion of this haul. It made up apx. 1/3 of the cards as the rest were for set builds primarily and a few for the PC.

Have a great weekend if you can. (Rainy here).


  1. The bleepin' '90s. I had no idea about half those parallels. And there's no chance I try to get them, although those '95 cyber stat flag things, agreed, are nice.

    1. I agree with N.O. Those '95 cyber stat flag things are superb! I bet they look even better in hand.
      Bryancs is a solid seller. I have bought from them many a time.

  2. That Aficionado Maddux brings back memories. I loved that set when it came out. Well, I loved the packaging, feel, and smell of the cards. The design was.. okay.

    Btw, not sure if you saw my reply but I have some Braves I can send you in exchange for your non-baseball cards.

  3. I posted about the Silver Stadium clubs on my blog recently - they are printing anomalies rather than intentional variations.

    I'd never heard of the CC white letter variations - will have to check out my cards to see if I have any.

  4. I've bought from this seller before, they have good prices.

  5. You found some pretty cool stuff over there. Love the Pinnacle Inside Stand Up Guys inserts... and those Cyberstats Season in Review cards.