Friday, April 2, 2021

Into the Night

 Greg of Night Owl fame recently sent me a package of cards. I need to get these out there before I start posting the SportLots BOX that came in on the same day. That's important for 1 reason.....greg put a note in with the cards he sent reading "Had to send these before you snagged them all! (maybe you already have!)  Greg (N.O.)"

I laughed to myself wondering if I had them in the big ass box that I was staring at.

Let's check them out.

Top to bottom. 2020 Albies, needed it.  Blue Bowman, needed it. Albies 2019 Holiday metallic? I needed it, and it is in another SportLots box I haven't shipped yet. Greg got his in first, needed it.
The Bowmans Best Albies atomic refractor needed it.  The 1959 Topps Pisoni is the grey back version (I think) and I need that one, so that leaves the Alex Wood refractor, I had that one already.  Greg did pretty good, but he wasn't done.

He sent me some set build NEEDS. Notice he sent all Dodgers. Must have been dupes. Funny thing here is that I hit my 2003 Fleer needs hard and many were in the SL box I was looking at. But, none of these were sitting in there. How about that.

On a sad note, I must inform you all, that my dearly beloved 

Braves are in last place. I probably shouldn't have punked y'all that way. I know one day I'll have to make such a post.

Heading to Jacksonville tomorrow, looking for some killer deals, fingers crossed I find some.


  1. Can't wait to see the killer deals you find. Have fun!

  2. You got me...I highlighted the blank text in-between the sentences to see if there was some hidden text there!

  3. Jim Pisoni? There's a name that I haven't encountered before.