Tuesday, April 13, 2021

My 2021 Topps Heritage Braves

 I changed my mind. Yesterday I posted that I would be starting the run of posts in blaster form. Nope, that will be Thursday. Now we have my 2021 Heritage Braves Team set, done except for parallels and some inserts. Three insert sets are done too. 

I even have an extra puzzle back Acuna. I think I may build all of the puzzles. for certain I will do the Hank Aaron.

Wacky Wednesday up next.


  1. Love the Max Fried card... but the Marlins roughed him up today.

  2. Second on the Fried. I got him in my blaster...best card of the box. I wonder if this is a homage to a 1972 card.

  3. The "In Action" cards have more action than some of the original '72 In Actions.

  4. They did well choosing the photo for Acuna Jr. in action. Christian Pache not so much. Good cards and post.