Thursday, April 22, 2021

Back to the Blasters

 Sort of. These aren't really blasters, but just a comparison price and card quantity.

Next up are cards from SportLots seller: wickerca. Total cost delivered was $26.94 (free shipping). Card total was 131 cards. Average card cost .20. 

Cards for the PC including some of the 2021 Topps Redux, a 2019 Chronicles Donruss SP Vlad, and the variation Colon from an old Rookies & Stars set.

The 88 & 89 Topps are Tiffany cards. The Klesko cards weren't even on my want list.Had to add them and several more.

The Big Cat is a Braves card. Both Maddux cards there on the bottom are the variations.

See Braves.

The last scan below are cards for my set builds.

Just a sampling as I did pick up many more cards for the set builds as per my usual. yes, that is a 2nd Colon, I needed one for the set build and the PC. All in all I spent .20 a card and every single one had a place in my collections (somewhere). So much better than a blaster or any unopened box for that matter. I do miss ripping packs, but fiscally speaking it is like saving 2000%. Who really wants to pay 20x more than they have too. 

I have one more seller to highlight from this series, after which I will be showing off the Braves cards I picked up from the April card show in Jax. Good thing as it is nearing time to go again. Before i start those posts.........I have one post that you just have to see. Stay tuned as it is KELLOGG'S like you haven't seen before.


  1. I like that you have to add Tiffany to the 1988 and 1999 Topps cards. It's like "whoa, guys, I can explain..."

  2. Topps re-uses the '52 design all the time but I can't remember them using it for action shots before. Freshens it up a bit.