Monday, April 19, 2021

Blaster #3

 Still finding those 80's and 90's Braves needs . This blaster round is from seller: lugnut80. There were a good bit of set build needs picked up from this seller especially with some 1995 Bowman's. But like most cases (not all) I will show the Braves after the first couple of scans. Total cost with free shipping direct to me was $20.59. There was 101 cards mainly set builds with a few exceptions which you'll see in the first two scans.

Yeah, I can't pass on cheap chicken cards. Get it......cheep. You can see the Wood Unleashed for my PC like the Mets Glavine cards and the Andruw.

Needed set build Post cards. The Lima is from the 1995 Bowman set (mentioned above). I show you this card as Bowman produced cards for Lima in 1994 & 1995, but then nothing else until 2000. I have no idea why, everyone else made cards including Topps in 1996 & 1999.  I also grabbed a bunch of 1999 Pacific Omega.

More of those Fleer Glossy cards. 

The Ultra Klesko is a really great shot.

Not a whole lot of Braves  (35) this go around. 


  1. Nice unleashed card of Kid K! And you have to add a Chicken card when you get them for cheap!

  2. I collect Dodger Andruw Jones cards because I have to. Not sure why you're doing it. :)

    1. In all honesty.....I grabbed the Jones and the Glavines thinking they were Braves, but both are PC guys, yes Andruw. To make it worse, pretty sure I already had them too. I'll find out toward the end of the season.

  3. All 3 blasters had some great cards, looks like winner winner chicken dinner for you!