Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Card show Higher end

 Starting out with some of the higher end cards I picked up at the last show.

Can't pass up on Topps Tribute when they are cheap. Well, if I think they are cheap.

Same goes for Triple Threads. Especially the parallels. Remember recently I said I would get to the punchline?

No? I had mentioned that I was pulling cards from boxes that I thought were priced at .50 each, meaning I was expecting my typical great deal to come out to probably a dime a piece.

I was caught off guard when I asked "where am I at?" The reply was $400.00. I gasped.

I quickly replied, that I thought they were at .50, and Fred said no, they are dollar box cards and you have over 400 cards.

For some reason, I told my buddy to forget it, I'll put them all back starting with the 50 or so I had just pulled from the box I was working on. I put those back in the box and stopped digging.

Fred, said to me wait now, you know I always work something out with you.  I replied I know you do, but you just said $400.00. Even if you slash that it will probably be more than I would want to spend.

He thought for a few minutes, and said $100.00.

X-Fractors. And bubble gum.

It took me all of about 5 seconds, to say I'll do it. Regretting that I dumped that stack of 50 cards back into the one box.  

I have no idea why I freaked at the $400.00 thing knowing Fred was going to work a deal. I was just expecting the deal to be a dime a piece, not a quarter a piece. Don't get me wrong, a quarter a piece is a good deal on a lot if not most of the cards I pulled. It just caught me off guard, like I said.

I knew I had grabbed a bunch of other cards that were not of the high end variety per say.

I was able to grab up some of the higher priced cards for the crazy set builds too. You know, like the Chronicles from the last few years.

In the end I just freaked, I had a dime stuck in my head and was giddy about that. A quarter is still a good deal, just not the great deal I was hoping to experience. I freaked because half way through the dig, I commented that I should just see what all of the cards (all 7 monster boxes), and Fred said he knew that number was $6,300.00. The quick math told me then and there that apx. a quarter a piece if I bought all 20K plus cards. I definitely slowed my pulling, attempting to finish the last half. I finished just 1 other full box when I asked where I was and the $400.00 came out. I stopped, and I already told you where we wound up. It really wasn't until I got home that I realized my freak out was unnecessary. I just hope my reaction doesn't change things with Fred, he is after all my favorite dealer to buy from. We'll see Saturday when I head back over there.


  1. I like the Inceptions and the Stadium Club Chrome.

    Seems like you're a loyal customer, so you'll probably be okay with Fred.

  2. Some good stuff in there! Glad you didn't have to put it all back.

    btw, received the cards from you the other day.. thanks! Putting together a return for you.

  3. Definitely a good deal for $100. I feel like those Triple Thread and Museums and whatnot are always disregarded because those products are so focused on the hits, but the are often really nice cards.

  4. Hope it works out with Fred.
    Those Stadium Club Chrome refractors look nice. The high end Panini cards make me really wish they had logos. They would do so much for already nice looking cards.

  5. You know it's getting rough out there, when even you have to start paying 25¢ a card :)