Thursday, April 22, 2021

The Last self made Blaster

 This is the last of the direct to me Sportlots seller Blasters from when I placed my first BOX order.

The seller: Delbacon. Total cards 98. There will always be some higher/nicer end cards when it comes to buying from this seller. The cost with shipping was $49.63 so compare this to say a Bowman Platinum blaster/box. Basically .50 a piece.

Love that Foil parallel Klesko on top.

Now for some set build cards.

Monday will have a special Kelloggs post.

The cards above were not for me, they were mailed off today to one of you.

below are cards for the PC's.

Missing card #1 and a header card for Whitey.

Price is NOT a PC guy, but I just couldn't pass on the insert. Reminds me of the original from I think 1993 Select. 

There you have it. Tuesday will begin with the cards I picked up in Jax a few weeks ago.


  1. I love the Front Row cards.
    Also, I feel like an opportunity was missed... there's the foil Klesko with the surf board then the next scan has a Randall Simon Wave of the Future card. Just sayin'!

  2. The goodies keep coming. Obviously... I love the SP Special FX Maddux and Japanese Soriano. But the 78 Kellogg's are definitely my favorite cards in this post.

  3. Ah, more '90s...when the Braves were hot and the designs were a plenty. Good stuff.

  4. I have many of those Front Row sets but not the Whitey Ford. Great looking cards even though they kind of show off how bad attendance was at Yankee Stadium in the '60s.