Saturday, April 3, 2021

I tried it

 With all of the talk last month about the Sportlots "BOX" savings, I thought I'd give it a try. I got the first box in the other day. I still have one box that is accumulating, and pretty sure except for the rare situation it will be the last. Waiting is something that I don't want to do when it comes to bb cards if there is another route. Meanwhile I do have some to show. I'll break them up into segments as I did fill a medium size flat rate box with cards.

Today is the pre-millenial cards. Braves cards. 

I needed every card on this post (and all of the future BOX posts).

Had to show the back of the Glavine Silver Superboil card.

Parallel die cut SP. 

I was able to pick up quite a few Preview cards.

Another card back I just had to show.

The three on top are Collections, I sure need most of those.

Great card back with two of the most competitive pitchers in baseball history.

Another preview and both versions of the Chipper.

Maddux is staring oddly here.

That is it for the pre-2000's. Off to the card show.


  1. The box isn't for everybody, but I enjoy it.
    Have fun at the card show!

  2. That Maddux stare is very disconcerting.

  3. Nice pickups! Pacific Online was so weird.

  4. So many times the better photo is on the back.

  5. A lot of these sets are very popular with bloggers... so where's all of the comments?