Saturday, April 24, 2021

Kellogg's: But not what you expect.....

 What baseball card collector doesn't like Kellogg's cards. I'm sure there are a few, but my experience is they like them, they want them, and for the most part they will take them regardless of condition (until they can replace it with something better). I for one can't stand cracked up 3D Kellogg's myself. I will usually pass on them with the exception of two things: Super Star and CHEAP.....real cheap. 

 By now I hope to have you folks' minds wandering back to those childhood days of pulling that cellophane packet out of the cereal box. You know you didn't wait until it naturally fell out. No, you dug in day one and grabbed it. I don't blame you, none of us would (I think). Memories, of running up and down the cereal aisle at the grocery store, looking to see what boxes had what in them.....remember? 

Well, this post isn't about any of those Kellogg's cards. Most certainly not if you were here in the good ole' USA. Nope, I never seen these before. At least not until the other day, had to have them straight into the brain. 

A 10 card plus header of Latin Stars, which includes a Braves player. yep, I want them I said.

Clemente, oh yeah. Cepeda, another PC guy.

Rico, not just a Brave but also a PC guy alongside a Birthday Binder guy.

Carew and Campy. Rod is a PC guy too.

I stumbled across the Rico Carty searching for Braves, I immediately went on the hunt. SportLots, ComC, and Ebay. prices all over the place. from $5.00-56.00 each. NUTS, not me. I found a few sets on Ebay, and all but one of them was high priced (averaging $40.00 for the set-1 at $75.00). I found one for one $26.00 delivered! Mine now, and you guys hopefully enjoyed the story. Have a great weekend, it is going to storm here. Be safe!


  1. Very nice. The perfect players chosen. I've never seen those before.

    I can relate to everything you said at the beginning -- except the cereal aisle thing, you NEVER EVER run up and down the store aisle is what my mom said.

  2. Awesome checklist. I want a set... but no way I'm dropping $5 to $56 for singles. And I have the same feelings towards buying cracked Kellogg's singles. They've gotta be cheap. I've been thinking about building a cracked Kellogg's frankenset... since I have a bunch that I've accumulated over the years.

  3. Expensive but nice looking cards, especially the action photos. Cepeda's is '68 World Series in Detroit?

  4. Yeah. Nice set.

    Sanguillen pulls off the upset.

    1. I agree... totally my favorite from this lot as well!

  5. These guys came 5 in a pack; I only have 1 pack but it did have the Clemente so I'm good with it.

  6. Well, these are certainly different! I guess I'll have to look for the Campaneris someday.

  7. Wrote about these a couple years ago.

    I only grabbed the Cepeda for my PC (counting it as a Giants card because these list ALL teams + there's a Giants photo on the back) A complete set would've been nice but as you've noted the prices are frequently insanse.