Monday, March 29, 2021

All figured out.

 A week or two ago I posted about the Ebay deal I got on the partial set of 2005 Donruss. I highlighted the inserts and parallel cards that I got in. One of the inserts sets was "Fans of the Game". Later in the comments one follower made mention about the Dean Cain card, and that it was an error that slipped through. A few days later Greg (Night Owl) had gotten the Dodgers in a package, and I commented that he still needed the "error" Cain card. 

Well, turns out it was NOT an error by Donruss, it truly is a Dodgers card.  Here let me show in pictures.

Notice the Dodgers logo on Cain. Now take a peek at the uniform Cain is wearing and compare it to the McGinley card.  Not the same.  Cain is NOT wearing a NY Yankees uniform. It is a NYC Empires uniform.  The back explains it clearly.


Yep, this is a Dodgers card. The only error was my and others' assumption that it was.


  1. Okay. Thanks for the explanation.

    Now I'm wondering if the Yankees' cap has always been the same.

  2. Never heard of Clubhouse. Never count out Superman!