Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Starting the 61 cent cards

 There will be many posts from this "deal". I am calling this deal 1: 61 cent cards. Overall I know that I got a great deal, there are plenty of winners as you will see over the next couple of weeks. I believe DEAL 2 was much better and you will see that to finish up before the next card show on April 6th.

Let's get going and you decide if the cards are a win, loser, or so so. Remember these came from my buddy Fred who always takes care of me. Half of the cards I bought from his table were his and half were some he was selling for a friend. I pulled all of these cards from basically two monster boxes. One was Fred's and the other his buddy. His buddy's box was marked $5.00 +. Fred's I pulled from his high end box.  Here we go.

The Gywnn was a needed Diamond King. I am collecting all of the Holiday relics so those were nice finds. The two autos are birthday binder guys. Was .61 cents a piece worth it?

The 2011 Martinez was a need for that set build, I still need 3 or 4 more. I also am still working on ALL of the Chronicles sets. Both vintage cards were set build needs too. Luis Robert rookie. Was .61 cents a piece worth it? 

Braves needs.... Was .61 cents a piece worth it?

How about Kyle Lewis rookies. Was .61 cents a piece worth it?

More Luis Robert rookies.  Bobby Witt Jr.   Was .61 cents a piece worth it?

More HOT players. At least they were at some recent point.  Was .61 cents a piece worth it?

The Franco was nice to pull out.

Was .61 cents a piece worth it?

Gavin Lux another HOT player these days.

Okay this a good stopping point for night one of the cards.  I did look up every card on Sport Lots & ComC, and also Ebay if not listed on the other two. Just so I would know if I burnt my cash.

Tomorrow is Wednesday and I will be showing off some of the Wacky package stickers I picked up at the show this go round. I will resume the Deal 1 cards on Thursday.


  1. What a friend you have there. Very nice stuff. I too need that Gwynn Diamond King, and many of the other cards you grabbed!

  2. Those are some nice cards. I think that most of those cards would be a good deal at 61 cents each, but the Robert Luis, Alvarez, Kyle Lewis, Lux, Cox rookie, and Braves autos were a steal. Makes me want to try to go to a show soon or at least go dig through a few boxes at my LCS. Can’t wait to see what else you got.

  3. crazy cheap! lucky you got to them first!

  4. Wow, some really good stuff in there. I was surprised to see 2020 Score cards!

  5. Call me biased, but a trio of Red Sox relics will always be worth 61 cents!

  6. Some really cool stuff... especially for the price. My favorites would be the Eloy rookie cards. Hoping he has a great season in 2021.

  7. I had not idea there was such a thing as 2020 Score baseball. That NM '59 Aparicio is a steal at .61 cents. Some big names in those relics and autos too. The Bowman's Best Bobby Witt and pink Bo Bichette seem like they would look great in person.

    You basically paid $40 for the cards in this post. Compared to the cost of a blaster of Topps base, yeah you did great.

  8. That '59 Aparicio is a great buy for 61 cents. That's cheaper than ANY 1959 Topps baseball cards on COMC right now.

  9. I don't know about most of the newer stuff, but it seems like you got a pretty solid deal on those couple of vintage cards.