Tuesday, March 16, 2021


 Last week or so I mentioned that I picked up a stack of Ronald Acuna Jr cards from a seller at the last Jax. card show.

The obvious stand out as far as pricing goes is the BLACK Acuna highlights. I'm sure I'm way off but the cheapest of any number in the Black parallel was $10.00. Several higher numbers were between $40.00-50.00 which I why I say "my guess". I would never pay that even 10% of that. 

Don't be fooled by that first card here. It is cloth, all sewn cloth. One of favorites so far, but the last card is my favorite of this batch. I need to obtain the 2019 Heritage #500.00 base card. This non rookie base card has been my nemesis. Just the cheap skate in me, finds it hard to pay the asking prices. I spent $50.00 on the scanned cards from the show. Although I can't complain, it certainly wasn't a super deal (I wish that Heritage had been in the lot).

Don't forget to wear GREEN tomorrow!


  1. I enjoy collecting Acuna too... but I prefer his low-end inserts and parallels. The only time I ever picture myself spending more that $10 for one of his cards is for a nice rookie card.