Sunday, March 28, 2021

The return of the Lost Wackys: Variations series 10.

No, these are not the authorized sets from ANS Topps with 4 series. But, picking back up where I left off in 2019 with the UN-authorized (Underground) Lost Wacky's and specifically the "Variations" series 10-17. Remember these are the ones that are a little risque, sort of.

These should run us a couple of months of Wednesdays. I will forego the "Boxes" series, they really are stupid. Also noting that I did not buy ANY of these sets. The variations are 9 stickers/cards and 2 puzzles per set. They run $25.00 a set. No thank you, so I am borrowing the photos from the web.

Have every wanted to do that to anyone, lol.


The puzzles.

Here is a so called comparison for the first sticker/card. You can check out the rest of the comparisons at

See you next week with ????


  1. Lol. There are a few of these I'd definitely stick on my skateboard.

  2. I feel like this post needs more celery.