Saturday, March 20, 2021

FORTY cent cards: Round 2

 Time for round two of the best deal on cards so far (for this year). I obviously seek out the best deals all year long normally. Last year was certainly an exception. By rule an exception ONLY happen once, so no more of last year. :). Done over with. Let's find some new deals. I hope to find better deals than the two really good deals I found at the March card show. With that said, let's peek in on these sleepers that cost me FORTY cents each. 

Hosmer is not a guy I would normally collect. But for .40 and that card, oh yeah straight to the relic binders.

As you can see this a BAT heavy section. A pair of Vlad's and a Bags & Thomas dual bat card. Yep, .40.

Three years of Bazooka Blasts. These in my mind have always been "low end" relics. However, all PC guys, forty cents you bet.

Yep, I see the double Thome. It's okay that way one can go in the PC and the other in the relic binders.

Bowman Sterling Vlad, yes sir (or ma'am).

Okay let's get back to some jersey/pant relics.

How about some miniature relics.

Okay this is the stopping point for tonight. As you can see that just like the last batch there are a lot of Thome, IROD, and Vlad's. Pretty sure the next round will too. See you in funny papers, JK. I'll post the last scans Monday.


  1. Thome, Irod and Vlad are pretty top notch. Henderson and Gwynn and Thomas and Piazza too. Kind of ridiculous....

  2. So much Vlad. ... As always, the A&G framed relics stand out above the rest.

  3. The round ones are cool. What do you suppose the stain is on the Pedro?

  4. You win the day, sir! Forty cent relics of HOFers?!?!? Where do I sign up!

  5. Fantastic stuff. Always have enjoyed the colorful Bazooka Blast relics... and the shiny Topps Clubhouse Collection cards.

  6. I would've been content just to find those two Edgar Martinez relics for 40¢ apiece.

  7. I'm enjoying looking at all those Pedro relics!