Friday, March 19, 2021

My first taste of 2021 Donruss

 I was trying to fill some cart counts on SportLots when the release of 2021 Donruss hit. I already knew I was going to buy the set complete with all of the variations. I have , should be here next week (minus the 2 SP's Domingo, and the Chicken). But, I also needed to grab my Braves team even though I said I was stopping the double and triple dips. I decided to grab any of my Braves and PC variations for .18-.25. I did that. The only exception is the Pache.

I have no idea why Pache is bringing $5.00 and up for this card (same for Topps). He has had cards out there for a few years now.  I have the base Freeman and the DK Acuna in my "BOX". I decided to try that, not sure Ilike the idea, more on that later. I still need #66 Dansby, #175 Soroka, and the #192 Acuna. I'll grab them here shortly.

I also grabbed some .18-.25 DK for that set build. The Independence Day parallel is kind of yucky.

Let's get to the Variations that I scooped for cheap.

I did pay .50 for one of the variations but I forget which one. I got most of them as you can see. This year 3 of the variants are on the back in the spacing of the text.........WHY?????????? 

Another gripe I have is that all of the variations come in ALL OF THE PARALLELS THAT THE BASE CARDS DO, AGAIN why? In this too many parallel environment you want MORE. No sirs, i do NOT want more.

Have a good night.


  1. The base card should have the different colored parallels. The variation should be a different photo than the base - preferably a more fun / personality driven shot instead of a normal 'doing baseball things' shot. The variation should not have parallels, because it should be special. If not rare, at least semi-rare.

  2. I didn't know Thome's nickname was Thomenator. That's kinda lame. Also lame are those white bordered 87 Donruss.

  3. 2021 Topps and Donruss have similar designs... or at least they remind me of each other. As for Pache... that's seems to be the hobby trend where unless it's a 1st Bowman, collectors prefer the rookie card logo card over earlier minor league releases. Well... that's what I've noticed with Tatis at least.

  4. For some reason I find '80s Donruss designs evoke more nostalgia from me than '80s Topps designs. Maybe because you don't see them as much. Honestly I kind of like the white border '87s.

    Now that I think of it - I'd really enjoy a modern set in the '88 Fleer design.