Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Cards from Old Card Traders group

 I received two PWE from fellow OCT members this week, a trading group I've been a member of since before I started this blog. (Just before). I also got notice a couple of days ago from another OCT member who lost his Uncle also an OCT member, and one of the original members (mid 90's). Don Roth Don lived in NY and was a Mets fan and old school Brooklyn fan (he hated the Yankees). He was a Wake Forest alumni and one of their biggest fan, he loved to golf and go to spring training games which he did every year (excluding 2020) down in FL. He and I shared the same sense of humor and he will be missed.

Now on to the 3 new Braves cards sent to me from the 2 OCTer's.

A 2020 Elite Extra Edition (those boxes were crazy pricey) from Bob D'Angelo down in FL. BTW Bob spent 3+ decades with the Tampa Tribune and writes for SCD on the side from time to time. Bob would meet up with Don (RIP) every year at a Ihop in Lake Wales to kick start the spring training season. 

The other two cards hale from Michael Salinksy, Notice the printed in Canada?  Love me some vintage OPC needed Braves. 

Enjoy the night.

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  1. I used to live in the same town as Don Roth. We corresponded a bit but never got around to making a trade. Seemed like he was a nice guy. RIP