Saturday, March 13, 2021

Taking a break

 Not from the blog, lol. Just a little hesitation or pause in the card show pick ups. I need to to post about a few other things before I pick back up with the show haul.

First up is a surprise sort of from Mark (Fuji). 

Mark told me after my President's Day post that he had a #46 for me. I told him I had a whole before I'd need one for the next PD post. Mark sent me a Biden anyway. I scanned him but you will have to wait until next year to see that one. Funny thing I have two huge scan folders with President cards in them, and file #2 is where the latest go, and go figure Biden was scan #46, ironic. Well, mark sent along the Braves you see above too (we all Know Joe can't be alone). I had the top and bottom pair already, but those Panini stickers in the middle.......brand new to me. Those 2 made me go seek the rest out on Sportlots, and I got them all but 1 or 2 I think.  Thank you Mark, much appreciated.

Next up is a package from SportLots that I hadn't posted yet. All Braves and from a seller named 1stGoal.

The backs were worth a peek too.

World Series stamped parallels.

I did already have the King Kelly card, but oh well.

Ah, there is the 2008 O-Pee-Chee Chipper i stumbled on when I was picking out the other 2008 OPC.
The Leaf Smoltz is a parallel.

Okay, that knocks out two files. You folks enjoy the weekend, and I will be back at you on Monday with a SUPERIOR deal I grabbed off of Ebay.


  1. For a minute I thought you were taking a blogging break too. Cool pickups! I'm a fan of the King Kelly card, pretty neat.

  2. David Justice and Johnny Evers are my favorite from this group. The Acuna is a great bubble-blowing card, I forgot you collect those.

  3. I just purchased that 1994 UD Iooss A/S set for that Maddux (and a few of my other PC guys). Some really nice photography.

  4. I always liked those Ultra Fresh Foundations.

  5. Makes me miss 95 Stadium Club. Wish these were safe to rip now but so many from these years are bricked. I believe 95 was the first year I bought several SC boxes to open.

  6. I think I know where Fuji got those stickers :)

    1. I'm sure glad he did whereever it was. No telling how long I would have let those needs (the whole team) go unmet.