Thursday, March 25, 2021

A Wandering Mind.

 Initially, I was going to title this post "The Wandering Mind". I quickly realized that I was thinking specifically about my wandering mind, thus I decided to go with A instead of The even though it doesn't really matter. But at least I now have your minds wandering.....maybe. 

I came up with this post idea yesterday as I was walking through the "front room"- where my Uncle lives. The t.v. was on something not sure what exactly (probably Fox News), but I heard the old cliche "nip it in the bud". I am sure that most if not all of us has heard that saying before. Barney Fife pops into mind right away, lol. My mind started going all over the place. I was quickly distracted from whatever was being said and began in my mind running through all of the old cliche's that pretty much mean the same thing as nip it in the bud. So here we go:

"nip it in the bud"

"right from the get go or start"

"cut/head it off at the pass/path"

"before it even gets started"

"in the beginning"

"before it becomes"

"don't even think about it"

I am sure some of those phrases or cliche's could be used in all kinds of situations. I'm also sure that there are a ton more that could lean toward those mentioned above too. Likewise, I'm sure that sometime in the coming moments of life YOU are going to have a MOMENT and you might even cuss me for putting the idea in the back your mind. Alas, there you are taking possession of my wandering mind and making it yours.  Let's see how this little experiment works.

Feel free to let me know if I got you.


  1. "Over before it even started"

  2. I'm usually too tired to be got by things like this, and today is no exception, sorry!