Thursday, June 11, 2020

Whatchu doin?

I'm eating a Jimmy Dean Sausage, egg, and Cheese biscuit right now. Now, of course by the time you are reading this another 8 hours or so have passed and I will have eaten a whole lot more. Now this isn't Twitter or Instagram where people apparently post anything and everything they do. No...... not me. i don't do those things. I just wanted to start off tonight's post a little different. Wow, I guess my Jimmy Dean baseball cards would be a great set to post right about now, but nope.

Just some formerly missing Braves. Not that they were really missing, I just didn't own them before.

Yes, the time spent waiting on that last shipment from BCW was spent on Sportlots filling in holes in my Braves needs and of course my set builds with some PC guys mixed in too.

How is it that I did not have these in my collection? I don't know, but no longer are they needs for the Braves team. I can only hope that the ones for Flagship Brands are in the set builds already like the Fleer Tradition and Pacific sets. Otherwise I'll be getting them again.

Now for some more recent "odd balls"

Just the Acuna as far as Braves go, but the rest of the 582 Montgomery cards are for my PC's.

You would think that for such an exclusive member based set/brand of cards that Topps would have been just a wee bit more creative on the backs. The fronts are okay, maybe a white border to spruce them up a bit. I've got 1 more Sportlots post in the scan files. I still have that cart full of stuff over there, and looks like I'll have to pull the trigger as I await another order (which I have yet to place with BCW).  I am leaning hard as to attending the July 4th card show. We'll see.

Two questions for you......What did you have for breakfast today? and What are you doing for Independence Day?  Talk about unrelated questions. You can't get further apart than those two.


  1. I missed breakfast!! Got too busy working from home. For Independence day, I am hopefully attending my daughter's softball tournament... but I am not sure it will happen. I really like that Andruw Jones SP Authentic card!

  2. Breakfast today was a slice of Rye with some apricot jam. Not the typical breakfast, but tasty. Not sure what we're doing for independence day yet. That's my birthday weekend (July 5) and we're usually at a baseball game--guess that won't happen this year. Probably just some drinks, good food, and walking over a few blocks to where they set off fireworks over the Hudson.

  3. Sleep was breakfast..
    Independence Day... That's July 4th, right?
    Probably the same thing I'm doing right now. Sitting at my computer, wishing there were things going on, lamenting three days later that it was the most boring Canada Day ever on July 1..

  4. Breakfast is generally cereal, milk, and half a bagel.
    Independence Day? No idea.

    And the backs of those Montgomery Club cards is lazy crap that would piss me off if I'd actually spring for the club membership.

  5. Those backs are an affront to quality card makers of the past, who actually worked on both sides of a card.

    I don't eat breakfast. First meal of the day is lunch because when am I up before 10? 4th of July? Working.

  6. For breakfast, I had a granola bar. I have to be at work at 5 AM so breakfast usually isn’t an option for me and the granola bar is something easy I can eat in the car.
    As for the 4th, I really hope I won’t be doing anything. There is a good chance I will be at work trying to survive the retail holiday experience. After work I just really want to come home, spend some time with my family and be able to go to sleep without hearing the neighbors blasting m-80’s.
    I just really think with the virus that people need to stay home. With Memorial Day and the protests more people have been gathering in close quarters and the rate or positive tests have hit record numbers. If people gather for the 4th I’m really afraid that the numbers are going to skyrocket.

  7. My friend hooked me up with some biscuits with some fresh raspberries, so in about an hour I'll head downstairs to scarf them down. As for Independence Day, I don't have any plans as of right now. Probably not much though. Usually I'd enjoy the day off from teaching summer school, but since I'm not teaching this summer... maybe I'll get out there for a hike. But definitely no huge bbq's or anything like that.

  8. Today, it is only the coffee that sustains me this morning. All the city's 4th of July festivities are cancelled, so I'll probably end up at my in-laws and we'll just shoot some fireworks ourselves.