Saturday, June 13, 2020

Bingo Braves from Dgao

Dgao joins in for two rounds of Bingo (Sat. June 20th 8pm), and July ( date & time yet to be determined).

David sent me 6 cards.  1 wasn't a Braves card, and the other one (Studio Stars insert that I already had). But, these 4 I needed and gets him entry into both rounds of the BINGO games. Looking forward to the first round next Saturday night. I've got the prizes picked out already for the (3) easy Bingos and for the BLACKOUT (so cool). Now I need to come up with the double Bingo prize. I'll do that sometime this weekend.

Have a SAFE and great weekend!

P.S.  Good morning!


  1. The Tyler Moore was supposed to be off your birthday wantlist, in case there was any confusion there.