Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Wacky Wednesday. Original 1974 Series 7

Here is another set that I have (technically) completed. At least I say so. It has 33 stickers and 1 variation of an actual sticker. Grime Heavy Chunks is that sticker ($100.00), and I do not have it. The rest of the stickers are valued at $3.00 each even though the Big Muc is considered tough it too is only at $3 bucks. I do have a puzzle set, but no wrapper or unopened pack. There are also the typical * and ** variations.

The checklist.

The puzzle.

The Dusty Greasy GRIME. So you kids out there.....need to go to your parents house and rummage through their "stuff" drawers and find me the Heavy Chunks version. You have your mission.

Hump day is now over (well sort of).


  1. Okay. I'm surprised that someone hasn't invented scotch or rum flavored hard candy. I'd buy some.

    1. Well, you do have Butter Scotch and Butter Rum candy.

    2. Oh it's out there if you want it, Fuj!

  2. I remember only a handful of these.

  3. Mmmmmm....Marshmallow Flopp....