Monday, June 22, 2020

So you like to read?

Last week I mentioned that I'd be posting about the near dozen blogs I have. Yes, I did just create 8 NEW blogs to go with this one and the two dormant blogs. Before I get into any details as to what they are about I'm throwing out a contest PIMP for Alex

Chavez CONTEST check it out

Now let's begin. I am not crazy! These "new" blogs are not normal blogs. They are not a place for conversation or for my thoughts (sometimes I may actually blurb something....but not often). They are not blogs that I have to "THINK" or put any thought into either. That is not to say there isn't a lot of work involved. There most certainly is. The "work" is all done beforehand which specifically is nothing but scanning (and re-naming the scans afterwards). Trust me......that is a whole lot of work especially when I am scanning fronts and backs of EVERY single card in EVERY set that I am building. Yeah, that maybe a little Nuts. Either way, I have already started.

I started doing this because I have binders and binders stacked up so high and in so many places that I needed to do something that makes me feel like I've accomplished something more. Don't get me wrong, paging up cards these last 6 months was a blast. An expensive blast too. A couple of weeks ago I ran out of supplies (for the most part) again. I haven't even touched my Pacific and Upper Deck sets yet, and still have a few sets from all of the others brands to put into binders as well.

I am seriously going to have to have wall to wall bookcases in every room in my house/home in Ocala, FL. That will be an adventure all on it's own after I get back home on a permanent basis. Meanwhile, I need to get some of these binders I have here in Valdosta, GA back to Ocala. I decided to take the completed "BINDERS" back home. That isn't to say that I am talking about a set. Some binders may have 1, 2, 3, 4, or even 5 complete sets in them. That creates an issue as I won't be scanning those until the entire binder is complete and without needing any upgrades (at least none I can't live without).

I do have 10 binders either already scanned or ready to scan. It is a start (about 2 dozens sets). Typically the Topps flagship sets make up an entire binder......duh. They also take the longest to get scanned and renamed. I'll be scanning my 4th Topps set throughout today. I have finished with 11 Bowman sets, and will probably finish those up before any other brand (half way done already).

My goal is to get this first batch back to Ocala, and bring back some more if not all of the boxed sets and hopefully find a lot of the missing cards that I know damn well I have but just can't find them here in GA.

Let me back up a minute regarding the supplies. I was going to order more and keep putting the sets here in binders. I decided not to do that as I was considering going to the July 4th card show in Jacksonville. Let me be clear I am NOT going. Two weeks ago Valdosta had just above 200 Covid cases. They are NOT testing any more now than they were then or have been doing all along. We are at the 900 case mark now. 700 case increase in 14 days. There were no memorial Day events here. The town is open and people just aren't social distancing and OMG the protests these last 4 weeks. Through the roof now. Cases are UP all over the country. I have no plans on going anywhere except for necessities and I hope to run home in a couple of weeks, and straight back same day.

Back on track now. Why in the world would I want to take on the burden/task of scanning up and eventually posting these sets? Two reasons.

1) It puts my SET BUILD collection on the web, and can serve as a record/proof of some of what I own. (more for insurance purposes, heaven forbid I ever need to fight that battle). They don't like including "collectibles" in claims. And for me unfortunately my collection is worth more than my home so I will never get anywhere near the cost let alone the value of my cards. I've looked at Lloyd's and other baseball card insurance, and that is a joke. The premium alone each year costs more than the value of the cards. Not to mention they want you to send the cards to them. I would need a semi truck, not that I would trust that I would get my entire collection back. I'll never send my collection off to anyone or company.

2) It provides for other collectors (team, player, set, "mini") to actually look at cards and see if they need or want them. Another reason for scanning the backs, so that if someone sees a card they want/need they can easily get the card number and then go find it.

I know this has been lengthy, but I asked first if you like to read.  LOL. If you've made it this far, then you'll be happy to know it is nearing the end.

I won't be posting the sets from oldest to newest. I plan on going from most recent and moving forward for each brand which has its own blog set up. That way when you go to the blog archive the oldest set (earliest) sets are first in line. Of course that is once it is complete. Like I said earlier Bowman will probably be the first complete run (minus the 48-53. I will publish posts only occasionally for each brand. I can not say with any certainty that I will do each blog each week, more monthly if anything except for the Last several years of Bowman which are already to INSERT into a post. THE FIRST OF WHICH WILL APPEAR this week 2016-2020 Bowman. They are short sets (very short), and I will get them up pretty fast. You'll have to wait on any of the others. I may do the 2016 Topps & Update set this week, but not sure. I'd like to go home and get my 2017-2019 sets and put them up first. Not to mention July is around the corner and we might have the complete Topps set (minus the Update which may not actually have one this year).

We'll see. I hope you enjoyed reading all of this.


  1. OK, I didn't get past the part where you started a dozen new blogs ...

  2. A dozen new blogs and wall to wall bookcases in every room of your house filled with card binders? Ouch. My head hurts trying to process that info. Best of luck with this scanning project. As long as you're happy and having fun.

  3. Wow. This sounds crazy. I love it. I did something similar with my autograph collection. JUST the autographs though. Best part of having it all digitally is being able to do multiple groupings. Do I want to see my autographs by team? I can do that. By theme? Can do that too. By player? Absolutely.

  4. Wow that is a lot of work. Does this duplicate alot of what is on TCDB? And for insurance purposes wouldn't it be best to start with your most expensive cards?

    1. I don't do TCDB. Like I said I'll never get the value of my cards from my HO policy, so it won't matter. For now I am just doing the complete sets. Once those (if ever) are done. Then I plan on moving to the Player Collections and "set builds" not completed such as the oldies.

  5. I can barely keep up with my one blog, can't even imagine trying to run twelve!

    1. 2 blogs are dormant as in DONE. This one is the active blog with content. The other 8 blogs (total near dozen: 11) do not require any maintenance. Just a post every now and then with zero content just a scanned set of cards.